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Can Students really use the iPhone as a mobile learning tool?
Now Students who avail of the ‘iEnglisch’ app can. The English language App that effectively turns the iPhone into a mobile classroom.
The iEnglisch App delivers high quality video content and lessons to students. Making full use of the display screen and the easy to use interface of the iPhone along with Apple’s mobile operating system students can now access the classroom 24/7, anytime, anywhere.

The British Council estimates that “2 billion people globally require English language training”. isengua the company behind iEnglisch is building mobile applications that will offer students an alternative to classroom based teaching using the new mobile platforms to deliver learning outcomes. Over the past two years there has been a marked change in how web browsing is viewed and available research indicates a marked shift from desktop/laptop to mobile. By 2015 mobile browsing will be the predominant access form and mobile applications will form an important part of the e-learning community.
Productivity Apps are becoming more prevalent in the app store. To date the majority of offerings in mobile Apps have all been static without genuine interaction. The iEnglisch app offers students the opportunity to access learning content on high quality video with instruction from native English teachers. The App includes 20 video modules totalling 180 minutes of content, interactive lesson tests and a requirement that you must pass the test before you move on to the next lesson. All the courses available on ‘iEnglisch’ follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels A1 – C2.
The iEnglisch App is now available in the German, Swiss and Austrian iTunes app store. It can be found in the education category and is free to download. The App comes with a preview video, interactive level test and the introductory lesson 1. In-App purchasing allows students to download further lessons with prices ranging from €1.99 to €3.99.
Isengua based in Dublin, Ireland. Established in 2009 the company has spent two years developing quality programmes for their mobile applications. Isengua took the strategic decision to bypass the web and concentrate solely on mobile browsing. The core directors of isengua have fifteen years of experience between them in the education field. Investing in high definition video and professional post production methods along with qualified native language teachers, isengua aims to bring a quality learning product to the mobile world.
Isengua Sean Featherstone, 353 86 1508113
58 Haddington Road
Dublin 4, Ireland


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