iEtiquette: the most complete app about etiquette and bon ton

Thanks to the {massive|huge} success in the italian {marketplace|market}, the application iEtiquette has been translated in English language and released world wide. iEitiquette is an application about etiquette and bon ton. An {important|essential} guide for those who wish to know what is the most {suitable|appropriate} behavior to have in {various|different} kinds of {scenarios|situations},
The application is {extremely|very} {wealthy|rich} of contents and covers a lot of topics: wedding, host at {house|home}, public and shared spaces, at the table and {way of life|lifestyle} in general.
{Utilizing|Using} iEtiquette the user could {steer clear of|avoid} embarassing moment. How to lay a table?How to introduce ourself? Or just how to accept a gift that we {do not|don’t} like? all you {require|need} to know is now {obtainable|available} with a touch.
Let’s make some examples:
-We’d like to invite our girlfriend’s parents to our {house|home} and of course we’d like to make a {great|good} impression but we {do not|don’t} know where to {start|begin}. With iEtiquette is {easy|simple}, just take a look at the “Hosting” section and {select|choose} the role of “host” you will {discover|find} so {a lot|much} informations from how to dress to how accept a gift. We also {require|need} to lay the table {properly|correctly}%u2026what about the centerpiece? can I eat a watermelon {utilizing|using} hands? And where can I put my pinkie {whilst|while} I’m drinking? The answer is {easy|simple} to {discover|find} in iEtiquette.
-You and your bride are {truly|really} bored about the fight that is going on between your families that reminds you Capuleti and Montecchi war. The reason {cash|money}. How could you {steer clear of|avoid} that? Take a look into iEtiquette wedding section you will {discover|find} the {correct|right} direction.

iEtiquette is written in a {extremely|very} {easy|simple} english to make this knowledges {obtainable|available} to {everyone|everybody}. iEtiquette was chosen as {1|one} of the {greatest|best} application of 2010 in {way of life|lifestyle} category from the {well-known|famous} blog iPhone Italia. (”iphoneitalia-app-store-2010-the-{greatest|best}-of”-le-{five|5}-migliori-applicazioni-della-categoria-”mode-e-tendenze”-187486.html)

For a limited time, iEtiquette is on sale for 50% off {regular|normal} {cost|price} :

Here some codes to test the application:

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