iFaceLaugh iPhone application announces ‘Laugh-a-Laugh’ contest to all iPhone & iPod users.

iFaceLaugh, the cool & entertaining iPhone app has announced ‘Laugh-a-laugh’ contest for iPhone & iPod users. iFaceLaugh will be handing out some of the coolest prizes to the winners. Check it out at

iFaceLaugh, the highly successful entertainment iPhone app, announces that they are launching their unique ‘Laugh-a-Laugh’ contest for iPhone & iPod Touch users, worldwide. This contest was designed to spotlight the speedy raise in popularity of the iFaceLaugh, which has now become a household name among entertainment iPhone app lovers. iFaceLaugh is immediately available at Apple’s iTunes store for $1.99. Check it out here.

iFaceLaugh is simple but unique entertainment app which allows its users to record laughs or other sounds, embedding them into the pictures that “sound off” when touched. Users can create, collect and exchange “iFaceLaughs” with family and friends and then can touch the faces of their loved ones and hear their sweet laughs or words whenever they are lonely or in need of a lift. Users can play all iFaceLaughs at once (like a huge crowd of their favorite people) or in any combination they choose just by touching thumbnails.

‘Laugh-a-Laugh’ is a contest which allows the user to test their laugh imitation skills with others in the room or with their online buddies. The creators claim that it is a great party app, which is appropriate for all ages. The app is filled with some of the unique technologically-tailored funny stuff and it’s, vocally challenging. When a user feels lonely in his or her room, Laugh-a-Laugh is one of the great ways to send the gift of laughter over the phone to someone they love!

Commenting on the announcement, John Blossom, who owns this wonderful app, said “We were amazed to see what our app users were accomplishing with what we have developed for them. Now they were getting the joy and fun, that no ordinary entertainment iPhone app could accomplish or even games that can be found on a desktop computer. We trust that our iFaceLaugh iPhone app is changing the mood our user’s world and the way people enjoying their funny moments: No distrust, it is entertaining even the novice iPhone app users.”

About the ‘Laugh-a-Laugh’ Contest:

Contest Name: ‘Laugh-a-Laugh”

Start & End date: February 24 to March 24, 2010.

How to start: First of all, participants, register here


First prize: $50 worth Apple gift cards.
Second prize: $25 worth Apple gift cards for 2 runner-ups

Contest related-activities:

Download & rate the app to get the essential credits.
Review this app & post them in your blogs to get credits.
Following the app on Facebook & Twitter, to get more credits.

Follow iFaceLaugh on:



Contest entries will be accepted until March 24, 2010. All winners will be announced on March 31, 2010 via e-mail. To know more about the contest, terms and conditions, visit:

About iFaceLaugh specializes in the conception of unique and compelling iPhone applications and is the brainchild of John Blossom who resides in Hawaii. John is always ready to exchange iFaceLaughs or play a round of ‘Laugh-a-Laugh’ at

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