iFighter is on sale for $.99

If you’ve ever played the arcade classic Raiden, you already know whether or not you’ll be a fan of iFighter. Raiden was that scrolling shooter where you were endlessly tapping the Fire button to take down enemy planes, collecting powerups, and occasionally dropping bombs on the bad guys below.

Personally, I thought Raiden kicked ass and now I’m madly in love with iFighter. This game RULES!! The concept of flying a badass warplane through a scrolling battlefield may not be all that original, but the execution is top-notch and makes for a kickass iPhone arcade experience.

If you’ve never played Raiden, here’s the basic gist of iFighter: fly your plane around and kill shit! Each time you destroy an enemy plane or a tank on the ground or whatever, it will leave a star or medal that you can pick up for points. Sometimes, if you get lucky, you’ll come across powerups that jack up the number of bullets that come flying out of your aircraft and you can also pick up wingmen which really widens your killzone. And in true arcade fashion, there’s a big nasty boss at the end of each level.

The first thing that stands out about iFighter is that there are three different ways to control the game. You can pilot your fighter plane via accelerometer by tilting this way and that… kind of a pain if you ask me… and the other options are to use finger swipes across the screen or a thumb-controlled D-pad located in the corner of the screen. I prefer the D-pad, and big kudos goes to EpicForce for building the other options.

Thankfully, there’s no need to continually tap a Fire button. Autofire is set to On by default (don’t worry, ammo is unlimited), but if you’re truly old skool you can turn it off and tap your brains out. Another very nice touch.

Graphics are awesome, sound is awesome, and the powerups make iFighter a blast to play. Getting bigger guns is great, but my favorite powerup is getting sidekicks. When you pick up the sidekick powerup, two smaller fighter planes fight with you in formation and this makes picking up points – and killing shit – way easier.

My only big complaints are the most common ones… there’s no global scoreboard and the app doesn’t play well with iPod music. EpicForce obviously knows what they’re doing so I feel pretty good about predicting that these changes will eventually come in a future update. If there was ever a game that needs global scoring, this would be it.

iFighter has recently climbed into the coveted Top 10 paid apps, and when you play it you’ll understand why. For $.99 it’s a steal, so if you’re an arcade geek you should get it before the price goes up.

(apparently the person playing in this demo has the music turned off)

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