So, the hubby was concerned when he came home yesterday and found me sitting in the living room, in the dark, laughing menacingly, while someone screamed, “Ow!  That’s  my eye!”  When he flipped on the lights, and saw that all I was doing was playing with iGouge, a fun new applicaiton from Digital Motion, he sighed, flipped the lights back off, and walked away, shaking his head.

iGouge is just one of those silly iPhone apps that seem to have no point but is addictive as all getout.  Think of it as virtual revenge – stick your thumb in the eye of some wanker who’s making your life a living hell, hear him (or her) scream, watch his (or her) eye bloody, and giggle your ass off.  And, at just $0.99, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than Xanax.

There’s really nothing to it – select the sex (male or female) of your victim, their eye color, and name the eye, so you know who’re your torturing.  Then gouge away.  The more you poke the eye, the bloodier it gets, and the more they yell in pain.  Good clean fun!  Gouge your boss, your ex, or a recently retired political figure, it’s all up to you.   The only thing I’d change would be the ability to reset the eye, to re-gouge my victim again, without having to exit the application and start over.  But besides this one thing, iGouge is the perfect toy for me to take out my pent up aggressions on some dillhole who really deserves it without the pesky police intervention of the real thing.

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