iHueSplash Pro – Lightning-quick Color Changing Method For Your Photos!

iHueSplash Pro uses the same powerful engine as the famous iQuikSplash app. Instead of splashing the selected colors and converting the rest of the photo to black and white, iHueSplash Pro’s purpose is to change the hues of the selected colors of an object, and it does it quickly and easily too.


“iHueSplash Pro basically extends the function of iHueSplash filter in iHueSplash app and AppliFX app. With Pro version you can select 6 target colors at a time and able to adjust each one of the individually.

You can also apply the changes and select more colors, giving it infinity amount of selectable target colors! The Lite version of iHueSplash Pro, called iHueSplash only ables to select 2 target colors, and users cannot adjust them individually.”

Only the best features:
* Select a total of 6 target colors at a time.
* Adjust the colors amount individually.
* Full range of colors available to be splashed.
* With “Splash More” feature, you can select inifinity amount of target colors!
* Save it to your device (to set as wallpaper) or upload to your Facebook account.

Device Requirements:
iPhone or iPod Touch 3.1.2 or later (Tested on iPhone OS 4.0)
Price: $2.99
Availability: Worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photography category.

See it in iTunes (CLICK HERE!)

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