iKeepsies Classic Marbles: game for iPhone

iKeepsies Classic MarblesiKeepsies Classic Marbles for the iPhone and iPod Touch mimics the play of the original marbles games that kids play.  The game design supports all of the actions of the real classic marbles games, plus the fantasy of cartoons.

Players win, lose, and collect digital marbles.   You can even play “Dropsies”. The marble manager area lets you pick through marbles you won and decide to keep them, send them to someone, or delete them.  The game supports a never ending stream of cartoon like marbles.   In this game every marble is a surprise.

iKeepsies is well liked by kids between 6-12 years old.

Do you have Cat’s Eyes, Clearies, or Cloudies?
Do you have Agates, Aggies or Allies?
You do?

Do you have Clam Broths, Commons, or Commies?
Do you have Comics, Chinas or Corkscrews?
Me too.

Do you have Pee Wees, Peppermints or Steelies?
Lutz, Micas, or Gooseberries?
Let’s trade.

Onions? Milkies? Benningtons?
Puries? Immies? Bumboozers?
We’ll Play!

Gramma’s house?
Your house?
Tree house?
Fun circus, church, or zoo?
Museum, skate park or school?

Dropsies, ringer or ring taw –
We could even play at the Moon!

Don’t you worry
When I knuckle down to play
at the end of the day
I’m really not an expert.
I’m just a beginner.

Honest! Do you wanna play for keeps?

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