Image gallery change!

I just installed a plugin to make the image galleries all fancy-like. Clicking on an image used to display the image on its own page, but now it opens in some kind of javascript thing where the screen turns black and you can quickly cycle through all of the screenshots for the app.

The main drawbacks are (a) you can’t comment on individual images anymore, which hardly anybody was doing anyway, and (b) this may cut into the site’s pageview count which you, the reader, don’t give a crap about but the advertisers do, but I’m sure they’ll get over it.

Good? Bad? I put a poll in the right sidebar, right beneath the Translator where you see all the country flags, so if you could cast a vote I’d appreciate it.

If everyone thinks the new gallery setup stinks I’ll change it back!


p.s. In case you’re a WordPress geek, the plugin is Shadowbox JS by Matt Martz WP Thickbox Integration by Alain Gonzalez. I switched because this plugin displays the image caption beneath the pic.

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