Intellicore has done a fine job at creating a collage program that allows you to be creative with the photos stored on your iPhone or iPod Touch. ImageTouch is a simple, effective, and easy-to-use collaging tool with a built-in tutorial that will have you creating in no time.

When you open ImageTouch, you are greeted with a clean menu interface that gives you the option to see your last collage, start a new collage, view a list of all your collages, or view the video tutorial. Start with the tutorial: Overall, the program is simple to use, but there are some multi-touch actions that differ from what you may be used to (ie. shaking the iPhone removes the menu instead of just waiting for it to disappear like in Apple’s Photo app). Once you become an ImageTouch veteran, it’s time to begin.

As of review time, I got to work with the most recent version of ImageTouch and the previous version. One of the best improvements in the new version is the background color selection option when you start your collage. This seemed to be an issue for some in the original version, but now with its pop-up color menu, choosing a background color is as easy as pie. It would be nice to see more choices such as graphics or even the option to choose an image from your own photo library to use as a background.

When you have your color set, it’s time to lay down some photos. It’s as simple as clicking the “+” icon and flipping through your photo library to choose a picture. From there, you can resize, rotate, and choose a photo border style. Sadly, you cannot change your photo’s color style (ie. sepia, black and white, etc.), though it would be an addition that would be greatly appreciated.

After you have your photos in place, you can then spice up your collage with decorations. This is probably one of the key features to the collage art form. The decorations that exist are well-designed and superior quality; however, the selection of decorations is lacking. As of testing time, you have decorations for “Winter and Summer Hollidays” and “Feelings.” While these are valid and useful categories, I can’t keep pasting palm trees on graduation collages. Simply put: We need more decorations! This to me should be the priority update and would make this app a more commonly used tool and not just a one-time novelty. A close second much needed addition to ImageTouch would be the ability to add text (either by decorations or an actual text tool). Adding words to a collage is such an integral part of the collaging process and should be standard in any collage application.

One of the strongest features of ImageTouch is the export option of your collages. Whether you email your collage as a postcard (with the built-in email client) or export it into your photo library, your end product is a crisp and high 640×960 resolution (roughly 8×13 inches) image of your collage. Some users have complained of blurry images in their photo library after exporting. This is due to the high-end nature of the photo resolution. If you want a photo that displays nicely on your iPhone, shake the iPhone to hide the menu and take a screen snapshot of your collage (by pressing the Home button and Sleep/Lock button at the same time).

To put the finishing touches on your collage, you are given the options to title your masterpiece, add tags, create a location for your collage (either via text input or Google), and enter dates to mark the time of when your collage took place.

All in all, ImageTouch is an excellent collaging program with many useful features. I like being able to combine holiday photos of my kids and email them in one shot to family members that live far away. With its intuitive tools and superior quality, ImageTouch will help you become a collage master in no time!

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