Imagine Poker Touch

Imagine Poker Touch is a Texas Hold ‘Em game with a twist. The game combines basic idea of Texas Hold ‘Em with characters from history whose poker styles reflect their personality. Historical individuals included are Abe Lincoln, Julius Caesar, and Cleopatra. Also included are legendary characters such as the Tooth Fairy, Wicked Witch, and Abominable Snowman.

The basic element of Texas Hold ‘Em wasn’t lost in the midst of adding special characters to the mix. The game is easy to follow and control. It can be played in both portrait and landscape mode, which is good for seeing more of the table.

Throughout the game, random tips will appear to help you discover the app’s abilities. This is a great feature, but I was a bit disappointed when I couldn’t find a straight-forward instruction page in the app. There’s are also no Hold ‘Em rules included, so you should know the game already.

As far as the characters go, their poker styles are reflective of their personalities. The idea of reading each of the characters is quite fun and adds an additional element to the game which would otherwise be a dry game between you and random AI characters. The characters also speak, if you’re into that sort of thing. I didn’t like the speaking, so I killed the voices in settings. Sound effects can also be changed, although settings can’t be accessed in-game.

From within settings, you can change the type of Hold ‘Em—limit, no limit, or pot limit. Currency can be changed as well as the deck style. You can also toggle auto deal, fast forward, showing blinds, showing winning hands, and sound effects.

Gameplay is fun and easy. At first I was thrown by the scrolling back and forth between each character as bets were placed, but I soon got used to it. Most appreciated is that the app displays your hand’s value at the top of the screen so you always know where you stand at a glance.

Most importantly, the game suspends itself when you hit the Home button or take a call. When you return, you can jump right back in.

The good: Easy to use interface, lots of fun. Characters provide a positive twist to the game. Game automatically saves when you exit to Home or a call. Tons of customization options.

The bad: No instructions and can’t access settings in-game. Figuring out the game is confusing at first.

The Bottom line: Imagine Poker Touch is an enjoyable, whimsical twist on the classic Texas Hold ‘Em genre. If you’re looking for something slightly more entertaining than a straight-up poker game, Imagine Poker is a fantastic choice!

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