Imangi is a letter-based puzzle game where players organize a grid into words by sliding rows and columns of letters. A nice treat for those looking for a challenge!

The premise of the game is to get as many words as possible to be organized on the grid. The 6 x 8 grid slides vertically or horizontally, exponentially increasing the difficulty of fitting more than two words in.

Red circles in the squares mean that those letters are worth more points for the round. Normal pieces are worth 100 points, red are worth 250 points. The only letters that count, however, are the ones that you have highlighted and become green (as shown to be valid words). You can use word multipliers to increase your score, but bear in mind that for every red piece that isn’t used, you in turn lose 250 points. For using every red letter, you receive a bonus of 10,000 points.

To bypass the pedantic details, there are some fun options to this game. The multiple play modes will keep you interested for quite some time. There is Standard Mode which is simply you organizing letters into words, Speed Mode which obviously includes a time limit, Daily Challenge which pools high scores from the puzzle of the day and challenges you to beat it, and Friend Challenge. Friend Challenge is an interesting feature because it allows you to beat a certain round, save the results and challenge a friend to beat your high score. You simple choose the option ‘Challenge A Friend’ at the end of the round, e-mail the person your code or link and that friend can respond to the challenge at their leisure.

Pros: Enthralling word game, Challenge friends, great design

Cons: Heavy learning curve

Bottom Line: Imangi is a brilliant game that tests the skill of anyone willing to try. Its great design and interesting spin on word games makes it a fun time, and it’s definitely worth the low price for a nice challenge whenever you’ve got some spare time!

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