imphoto iPhone Standard Edition – now available

imphoto turns your iPhone photos into great pictures automatically and effortlessly. Now your images look just the way you remember the original scene.

Use existing images or take a photo from within the app.  One tap reveals all the detail – see the difference in an instant – like using a fill-in flash!  One more tap lets you save the image and share with your friends on your favourite social networks. It sends in the background so you can quit the app and your picture will still be published!

imphoto helps overcome the no-flash on the iPhone camera problem – no need to wait for a new iPhone!

Shoot. Reveal. Share.  Three taps to photo perfection that everyone can enjoy!


✔ Turn your photos into great pictures automatically

✔ Reveal the detail in the shadows – like using a fill-in flash

✔ Preserve highlights and color for effortless results

✔ Patented eye-fidelity™ = best and fastest processing

✔ Make backlit photos look good

✔ No need to use your computer to improve your iPhone pics

✔ Easy to use, nothing to learn, no complex sliders or menus

✔ Integrated upload = no need for additional uploader applications

✔ Publish on the go : bloggers, journalists and anyone who cares about their images as much as about their own image can now confidently publish pictures from their iPhone

Want to create your own signature/copyright for your pictures? Look at the PRO version:

✔ Full camera resolution (3Mpix  on 3GS – 2Mpix on 3G)

✔ Fine control of the 3 intensity levels

✔ JPEG output compression adjustment

✔ Full control over watermark to © your image.

Over 70,000 people downloaded this app over Christmas – it’s time to join them so that all your iPhone photos look great!

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