Ink Cartridge Prices are an Outrage

I used to have an inkjet printer, but no more. I got tired of spending crazy money for ink.  Manufacturers sell printers at or near cost in order to get you to pay a 1000% mark up for their ink.  I used to scour the web looking for cheap ink cartridges but there was little cheap ink for printers to be found.

One of the most irritating things about ink jet printers is the fact that the ink dries out if the printer is not used often.  It does not matter if you found cheap printer ink if you can not use it.  If the cartridge gets a little dry you have to run an ink consuming cleaning procedure to get the printer functional again.

I finally broke down and purchased a color laser printer and it is the best investment I have made.  This printer cost about 2X the cost of a ink jet printer but I used it for about 5 years before I needed to replace the toner.  Another added benefit is the ink does not dry up if the printer is not used on a regular basis.



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