InMyBar: A Must Have Drink and Cocktail App

InMyBar is the new {should|must} have Drink and Cocktail application for iPhone and iPod touch users who want to know what drinks they can make with the ingredients they have and what they {require|need} to make their favorite and {well-liked|popular} drinks. InMyBar is {created|designed} around a feature {known as|called} My Bar with {3|three} {primary|main} categories of {info|information}: What Do I Have, What Can I Make and What Do I {Require|Need}. {Certain|Sure}, there are iPhone applications that advertise 200, 2,000 or even 20,000 recipes but they are of {small|little} use and even cumbersome to most {individuals|people} if you only have the ingredients to make 50 of those drinks.

{In contrast to|Unlike} other bar applications, InMyBar {permits|allows} you to {choose|select} the actual brand names of ingredients that you have and displays only the drinks that you can make based on those ingredients. {Choose|Select} the spirits, mixers, fruits, juices, spices, etc. and InMBar will tell you {precisely|exactly} what drinks you can make with detailed {directions|instructions} on how to make them. {Each and every|Every} ingredient and {each and every|every} drink has a picture of the actual item and you can click on any picture to see a full size version of it. {Believe|Think} {you are|you’re} close to {generating|making} a drink but just missing {some thing|something}? The What Do I {Require|Need} screen tells you what you are missing in order to make your favorite drinks and the top rated InMyBar drinks.

Still {cannot|can’t} {discover|find} it? InMyBar also {provides|offers} you the {capability|ability} to add your own custom ingredients to the database as {nicely|well} as the {capability|ability} to import or take {photos|pictures} of the items. The capabilities to customize InMyBar {do not|don’t} {quit|stop} there. You can also add your own custom drink recipes to our list of {much more|more} than 1,000. {Produce|Create} a drink with the ingredients and measurements {precisely|exactly} the way you like to make it, {consist of|include} the {kind|type} of drink, the glass {utilized|used} and even add a photo of the drink.

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