iNomad: route tracking gps app for iPhone

iNomad for iPhone $3.99

iNomad is a useful GPS-navigation application for every traveller. Draw the route with your fingers on the map and follow it during the trip. After, you can watch your trip on Google Earth or in embedded player. During the journey you assist with speedometer, odometer, altimeter and other useful information.
iNomad tripping screen


- Key-point route planning (Key-points are set with the fingers on the map or entered by coordinates)

- Recording trips in background.
- Displaying speedometer, odometer, altimeter, direction and another GPS-driven meters above the map during the trip.

- Navigate the route with distance to target and time to target realtime calculations.
- Trip recording.
- Recorded trip playing.

- Recorded trip and route export in the KML via e-mail for Google Earth viewing.
- Trip-to-route converter.
- Meters size and placement customization.
- Meters: digital speedometer, speedometer, distance traveled, altimeter, compass (magnetic, true or GPS), distance to target, trip duration, scale ruler, max speed.
- Maps with autorotation (map, satellite or hybrid) and finger rotation (in free and follow mode).
- All orientation support.
- Orientation fixation during the voyage.
- Fullscreen mode.
- Transport: foot, car, bike, aircraft, snowboard, ship, para glider, hang glider, sail glider, airship, aerostat.
- Measuring systems: metric, imperial, nautical.
- Bookmark support.
- Tap and hold on voyage screen to enter into the widgets editor. Tap and hold on the empty place in the widgets editor to add new widget.
- Two fingers long tap on the voyage screen to activate ruler. Move your fingers to measure distance between points.
iNomad Map downloading
- Google Map download for offline using.

iNomad 2 gets iOS4 support:
Multitasking support. Now you can record your tracks in background. Even with locked screen.
All interface orientations support.
Dramatically improved recording and routes drawing in all modes.
Huge bookmarks improvements.
Google Map cacher in the Voyage and Route Editor modes.
Voyage interface orientation lock.
New widget editor. Long tap on the voyage screen to enter into editor, long tap on the editor screen adds a new widget.
New widgets: Max speed, Scale ruler.
Two fingers long tap to activate ruler. Move your fingers to measure distance between points.
Logbook records are grouping by month.
Smooth record playback with variable playback speed.
Magnetometer could be disabled in Settings, causing less power consumption.
A bunch of other speed, stability, usability and power improvements.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
iNomad is exclusively designed and optimized for iPhone 4, iPhone 3G S and 3G.
The first generation iPhone (pre-3G) and the first and second generation iPod touch do not have the GPS chipset to acquire GPS signal, so navigation abilities will limited.
Maps required Internet connection.

If you have any troubles, please tell us on support e-mail on iTunes.

Use iNomad is at user’s risk.

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