IntelliVocab for SAT Released to Beat SAT with an Interactive iPhone Application

New York, USA Faqden Labs is pleased to announce IntelliVocab for SAT, an application for iOS devices which personalizes the English vocabulary {studying|learning} for SAT exam and {individual|personal} improvement.

{Becoming|Being} {created|designed} by students of MIT, IntelliVocab for SAT is based on the {newest|latest} {study|research} from MIT {Pc|Computer} Science and {Internet|Web} Semantics Lab {permitting|allowing} users to master English vocabulary in the most {efficient|effective} way.

IntelliVocab for SAT {totally|completely} controls the {studying|learning} environment, so that users do not have to {strategy|plan} the {studying|learning} approach. All they {require|need} to do is interact. {Potent|Powerful} {sufficient|enough} for advanced learners and {easy|simple} {sufficient|enough} for beginners, IntelliVocab for SAT uses {newest|latest} machine {studying|learning} algorithms and determines user’s level %u2013 {Professional|Expert} or Commitment. The {much more|more} practice, the {much more|more} IntelliVocab learns about a user and figures out words that are {tough|difficult}. It enables users to {accomplish|achieve} the {leading|top} scores in the SAT competitive exam or in your {expert|professional} {function|work}.

* 600 {typical|common} words in the Lite version
* 2 levels: {Professional|Expert} and Commitment
* {Every|Each} practice session contains custom set of words based on user’s level
* Comprehensive progress report
* Play sound and antonyms for {every|each} word
* Remote sync for new words

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device
* {Demands|Requires} iOS {three|3}. minimum
* 17. MB

Pricing and Availability:
* IntelliVocab is {obtainable|available} for {totally free|free} download worldwide {via|through} the Apple Store in the Education category:
{Item|Product} Page:{item|product}.html

About Faqden Labs: is a young {business|company} which was founded in 2010 by mobile apps enthusiasts. As IntelliVocab developed for iOS device enjoys immense popularity, the {business|company} {began|started} working over its Android version that is going to be released in a {couple of|few} weeks.

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