Interactive Chinese Level 1: The best pocket tutor for your Chinese learning needs!

The best pocket tutor for your Chinese learning needs! Now USD 4.99 (Normal Price: USD 9.99), for a limited period only!

Interactive Chinese is the first and only complete, scenario-based Chinese learning mobile app. It provides multimedia animations and simulated dialogues that mimic real life situations for your speaking, listening and reading needs! It will take you step-by-step through the learning process so you will be able to gain confident proficiency to communicate with the Chinese natives while you are traveling, living and/or working in China!

Key Features of Interactive Chinese Level 1:

- Scenario-based learning w/ simulated dialogues
- Record and playback for speaking practices and comparison
- 40 scenario-based scenes; simulated dialogue; Pinyin pronunciation; 10 key communication topics; 300+ vocabulary words; 300+ commonly used sentences; 40 key grammmar points and 300+ exercise questions
- Content designed in compliance with the Common European Framework of Reference
- Correlated to HSK Test Level 2 – Beginner (Chinese Proficiency Test, TOEFL equivalent)

Topics: 1 Names; 2 Greeting; 3 Nationality; 4 Occupations; 5 Age; 6 Personal Features; 7 Places and Locations; 8 Family; 9 Telling time; 10 Personal Traits

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