iPad Postcard App Released by Mac Pioneer Bill Atkinson

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comThis week, Mac software legend Bill Atkinson launched the iPad-optimized version of Bill Atkinson PhotoCard, his iPhone app for sending postcards. While some are still waiting to see whether the iPad will be a game-changer, Atkinson has made a strong commitment to the new device, calling it “a real winner” both at Macworld 2010 and in other public venues. PhotoCard is one of the first Universal Apps, a single app that has been optimized for all three of Apple’s touch devices: the iPad, the iPhone, and the iPod touch.  Atkinson’s app lets users create their own postcards from photos on their mobile devices, and have them printed and mailed by his service (without having to find a stamp or visit a mailbox).  Users can also e-mail their postcards.

Ever since its launch this past December, Bill Atkinson PhotoCard has risen to the top of the postcard app genre by offering standout simplicity in its UI design, high image and print quality, and great decoration and personalization features (including stickers, stamps, voice notes, and basic photo editing). It also showcases the displays of the iPad and iPhone, wowing users with a built-in library of 150 of Bill’s best nature photographs.  It recently received a rating of “4.5 mice” from Macworld App Guide.  Not surprisingly, given Bill’s history as part of the original Macintosh team, he has thought through every detail of the experience.

It is available in both a free version (Bill Atkinson PhotoCard Lite) and a paid verison. The free version is fully functional and includes 10 pre-loaded nature photos, 10 stamps, and 25 stickers.  The $4.99 full version contains 150 pre-loaded photos, 325 stickers, 150 stamps, and a credit for one free mailed postcard (a $1.50 – $3.00 value).

Atkinson says developing for the iPad reminds him of developing for the early Macintosh in some ways. “The combination of the iPad’s big screen and its direct touch creates an intimate interface that makes it feel like you’re working with the content itself, not the device.”

The direct download link for the full version of the app is here:

The free version is here:

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A video of Bill Atkinson PhotoCard running on an iPhone:

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