iPatterns: Mayan matching game for iPhone and iPod Touch

Title ScreenThere are 13 levels and each level you play 3 times to gain experience so that you may advance to the next level.  If you do not have enough experience you will be unable to advance and the game will end.  The play screen has 1 large card and 25 small cards.

To play you must match the large card to one of the small cards in order to gain points and experience.  If you are correct in your match you will see a green circle when you press the small card.  If you are incorrect you will see a red X and you will lose points.  When you advance to the next level the time is less that you have to match the cards.  The scoring is easy, if you are correct you get 2 points, but if you are incorrect you lose 1 point.  Are you up for the Mayan Challenge?

More screen shots after the break…

Level Screen
Play Screen

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