iPhone 3.0: More hits than misses

A gaggle of tech journalists, analysts, and developers crowded into an auditorium at Apple’s headquarters on Tuesday to hear the details of iPhone 3.0. As Scott Forstall, Apple’s head of iPhone software development, promised, the update is a major one with a host of sorely needed features for application developers and consumers. Check out our slideshow of the iPhone OS 3.0 screenshots.

(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

In all, Apple promises 100 new features with iPhone 3.0, including multimedia messaging and a landscape keyboard. Although Apple did not reveal all 100 additions on Tuesday–which leads me to wonder just what they’ll count as a new feature (perhaps cut, copy, and paste will count as three)–the highlights were worth the trip to Cupertino, Calif.

Yes, a few hoped-for features are still missing, but iPhone 3.0 is more about what we got than what we didn’t. Apple will release the update this summer. It will be free for iPhone 3G and iPhone Classic users, but iPod Touch users will pay $9.95.

What we got

Multimedia messaging
At long last, we have it. We figured that it was coming so it was at the top of our iPhone 3.0 Wish List. Yet I feel a little weird getting so excited about such a basic feature that almost every other cell phone has.

Also, it’s very disappointing that iPhone Classic owners will not get MMS, even if they upgrade. Apparently, the original iPhone lacks the necessary radio to make MMS work. That, of course, leads me to the very pertinent question: why?

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