iPhone 3G Gives AT&T Nearly One Million New Customers in Q3

Yesterday Apple announced that iPhone 3G sales surpassed Research in Motion’s Blackberry by approximately 1.5 million units in Apple’s fiscal fourth (calendar third) quarter. Today, AT&T announced that it saw 2.4 million iPhone 3G activations in roughly the same period.

Of these activations, roughly 40%, or approximately 960,000, were for new AT&T customers. According to AT&T, “iPhone 3G is delivering high-value subscribers with significantly higher ARPU and lower churn than postpaid subscriber average.” AT&T gained a net two million subscribers in the quarter, with a total wireless subscriber base of 74.9 million. You can read the complete press release here.

The iPhone has more than 3,100 points of distribution in the U.S. and over 30,000 points of distribution globally.

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