iPhone 3G S!

Well since the current vote tally is 38-28 in favor of non-review editorials , I suppose now is as good a time as any to start spewing nonsense…

So I was just over at TechCrunch reading about today’s iPhone 3G S announcement and I also soaked in everything I could from Apple’s site update. Here’s what you wanna know:

  • U.S. release date: June 19
  • Non-U.S. release date ~July 7
  • Apps will run twice as fast
  • 3 MP camera with autofocus!
  • Video shooting & editing, currently only available on jailbreak apps
  • Upload videos directly to YouTube or MobileMe
  • Voice control similar to the “SYNC” system you see advertised in Ford car commercials, ie: “call the VD clinic” or “play a song by Wham!”
  • Multimedia messaging (OS 3.0)
  • Cut/copy/paste (OS 3.0)
  • Built-in compass with map integration
  • Improved battery life giving 9 hours of web surfing on WiFi vs. the current 6 hours
  • 16 GB iPhone = $199
  • 32 GB iPhone = $299

The article doesn’t say anything about contract requirements, but you can bet your broke ass that a two year contract is part of the deal. But hey, if you’re super poor like me you can now get the current iPhone 3G for $99! Yeah, you’re gonna run into another contract there as well. $99 is for the 8 GB model, and 16 GB will cost $149, or so I was just told less than a minute ago on the phone by some dude at a local AT&T store.

I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but the things I’m most excited about are the camera improvements and the processor speed. It’s no secret that I’m constantly taking stupid pics of my dog and if I can summon up enough cash to upgrade my iPhone I’ll soon be littering YouTube with equally stupid videos. I think, for a lot of people, putting videos on YouTube is a chore because there’s usually a hardware connection required somewhere along the way… either move the video from camera to computer, or at the very least connect the video device to something with an internet connection. I’m sure this direct-to-YouTube thing will have a few snags in it, but at least in theory it should open up a whole new world of mobile video for the previously uninitiated masses.

The processor speed is also a huge deal because it could mean an entirely new generation of games that just don’t work on the current iPhone. Take, for example, Dark Hill which Swain just reviewed. Could true first-person-shooters finally become viable on the iPhone 3G S? I guess we’ll find out soon! nabil chatbi must be frothing at the mouth.

Here’s the TechCrunch article. Below is Apple’s 15-minute guided tour plus some images and screen grabs.

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