iPhone 4 free case list and more information: Which case is best?

Apple has released the list of free iPhone 4 casesWhich free iPhone 4 case is best?

As posted earlier, Apple has begun offering the free cases to iPhone 4 users who are affected by the antenna issue.

While we can’t tell you which case is best for you, we can provide a list of cases being offered and links to the manufacturers web site.  This will give you more information on the cases available from Apple and links to reviews for the cases where available.  Most cases are so new on the market that reviewers have not had a chance to sit down and test the cases yet.  So unless you want to wait for the cases to ship you will be left with looking at pictures or listening to the few people who have actually tried the cases on for size.

Some case manufacturers do not have much information available online for their cases so if you have one of these cases or more information, please leave a comment.

Below is the complete list of cases and links to read more about the cases being offered by Apple to iPhone 4 users.  If you have reviews for these cases or other thoughts please leave a comment below.

The cases available  from Apple for your choosing are:

I looked at the cases and read the reviews just like you are doing.  So which case did I order?

I ordered the Speck Pixel Skin HD.  I like a case that offers a rubberized texture in order to help hold on to the phone, I just hope the rubber is substantial enough so that the case is not too flimsy.  I will know by September 8th.  I just got my order summary from Apple and that is my deliver by date.  Thanks Steve.

Check out these cases in our new iPhone Store

iLounge has also posted a review of the cases they have tested and more photos of each.

Macworld throws its hat in the ring with some case info too.

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