iPhone app info [Memoirs of Tokyo Date]

Kevin’s notes:  I have no idea what this app is but it says I will “be able to enjoy a boyfriend feeling of the idol.” and that can’t be all bad…  ;)
Memoirs of Tokto Date
Apps to enjoy a virtual date with iPhone apps idol Sayaka HIRAJYO was launched!
We’ll enjoy the date with Sayaka.
Download the apps and click “ i ”, then enter your name.
Select [GO TO ASAKUSA], and start the data.
You’ll see Sayaka in front of KAMINARI-gate.
ASAKUSA data with Sayaka.
You’ll be able to enjoy a boyfriend feeling of the idol, Sayaka, and you’ll also enjoy sightseeing of ASAKUS, famous old city in Tokyo.
English, Chinese, Hangul and Japanese are available. (Captures are in Japanese)
At the last, what will be happen with Sayaka?
Website of “Memoirs of Tokyo Date”
iTune Link
Video of Apps making on YouTub

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