iPhone app searches flickr for lolcats

Are you a cat lover and just can not get enough funny photos of cats? Well, there is an app for that.

LOLCats Free searches Flickr for images that contain the keyword lolcat or lolcats. Now you can have all the funny cat photos delivered right to your iPhone. The LOL Cats iPhone app searches for the caption lolcats on flickr and quickly returns the funniest cat photos to your phone.

There is also a premium version of LOLCats that has the following features:

LOLCats Premium Features Include:
- Over 10,000 LOLCats in our database.
- Downloads next LOLCat in the background to maximize your lulz.
- Add and browse your personal favorites.
- Save LOLCats to your iPhones photo album.

You can do the same thing that these apps do by using Flickr to search for the phrase LOLcats, but the free version or the premium version will do this for you and save you a few keystrokes.  There is also a LOLDog version available if cats are not your thing.

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