iPhone App Tip – Let the iPhone predict your mood

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comHello. My name is Marcelo Zawader and I am a developer for Schvarts Apps.

The app works like this:
You touch the screen;
The app processes your touch;
And informs your mood.
Mood Detector is a great way to get people together. It is ideal for showing to friends. Your friend will touch the screen and the mood will show up. It’s a very funny experience. Everyone laughs.

Use with the elbow.

How can the iPhone do such a thing? The algorithms we developed leverage several features of the iPhone, such as the built-in accelerometer. We also track other parameters, and we based our algorithms on research.

It is scientifically proven that the way we touch can reveal what we’re feeling.

Difference from Other Apps:
Lowest possible price (some cost more than $1);
Wide variety of moods (few moods is a common complaint of similar apps);
Amazing accuracy (most other similar apps are random).
Best performance, no bugs whatsoever (some have bugs, according to reviews);
User-friendly (some reviews complain other similar apps are very confuse)
State-of-the-art graphics.

App name: Mood Detector – Touch & Discover, the Cheapest Option!
Release Date: May 7th
Category: Entertainment
Demo video on YouTube:
App page:
Link to App Store:


Thank you for your attention.
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Marcelo Zawader
Schvarts Apps

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