iPHone App Turns Texting into Images

Do you text message? If not, it’s a safe bet that your kids do! Did you know as of 2009 more text messages are sent each day then phone calls?

How many text messages do you think are sent each day? 1 Million, 1 Billion or 2.5 Billion?

2.5 billion text messages are sent each day in the USA.

I’d like to discuss Funmail with you. It’s a new way to express yourself, where images match up with your text messages automatically, as you are typing the message. In other words, if you were to type “I Love You” automatically a variety of hearts, cupids and flowers will appear for you to choose, click and send! It’s really that simple. Don’t believe me? Try it free for yourself at

This visual messaging app, dubbed as “Google Image Search meets text-messaging,” features the ability to add real-time images to any text by tapping into the “Media Brain,” a learning technology that grows smarter about making insightful connections between imagery and language each time a FunMail is sent.

Since the initial iPhone launch in November 2009, FunMail has been downloaded over 100,000 times and was ranked one of iTune’s Top 25 Social Networking applications.

The new update for iPhone includes a new feature that enables consumers to preview up to 20 FunMails instead of the previous 5, and also includes performance enhancements and access to new content.

Download the FunMail app by viewing Android Market™ on your Android-compatible handset or clicking for the link. A free iPhone application is available for download at the iTunes store, or visit for directions.

Lastly, anyone can personalize their experience and become a FunMail artist by submitting their photography, illustrations, and most anything graphic to the visual library at

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