iPhone game – Wild Duel – Press Release with Pro Code

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comI guess you must watched Unforgiven, one of the best western movies ever. I always want to be a hero and fight again the bastards alone like William. And this time, I finally find one game that could help me make this dream come true.

This is Uwingame studio’s latest shooting game! This game inherits the advantages of FPS. First of all, Uwingame studio makes great efforts to the screen and the effect of the game. What’s more, it is worth mentioning the friendly control and the quick return of the game, which is suitable to players at any level.

(Although it is a game designed for iPhone, the large screen of iPad can better display the colorful effect.)

Game Control

The control of the game is very easy. Put your finger on the screen, and then you will see a sighting telescope. Pointing to your shooting position, and release the finger to shoot. You will achieve the effect of successive shots to the enemies as long as you play fast enough. This kind of design is easy for the player to feel the sense of sharpshooter, no bullet missing the goal.

The ammunition will be restricted, after you using up the bullet, you cannot shoot any more. Players can fill in the bullets of the cartridge clip by just shaking the iphone.

Featured system

Besides, there is a Headshot counting system. As long as the players shoot the head of the enemy, they will get extra points. When the player hits the enemy’s head successively, there will be a Combo hit tip on the screen, bringing a high sense of achievement to the player.

I believe the players will love this game after getting to know about it.

Sound Effect

The sound effect of the game is also elaborated. Players can hear different kind of gunfire and vivid sound effect of the environment, which will achieve the effect of immersive gaming to the player.

Background Story

This game tells a story about a cowboy who comes back to his hometown, finding that his hometown is entrenched by villains. He needs to kill the villains and rescue her girlfriend who is caught away by the villains.

Game levels

There are four levels in this game, and the difficulty become harder and harder. In the end, you will face unlimited enemies. Facing with the overwhelming enemies, how long can you persist?

You could try the game with the pro code we provide:


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