iPhone Tips

Did you just get an iPhone?  Would you like some tips to learn your way around the iPhone operating system?

There are a lot of different settings on the iPhone.  Some will make life with your iDevice easier, some will help save a significant amount of battery, and others will make you look like an iPhone superstar.

iPhoneAppReview is here to help.  The iPhone Tips section will contain various tips and tricks that will make life more enjoyable and will help you save time with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

The tips here will be geared more towards the iOS4 release of the iPhone operating system.  We believe in onward and upward here at iPhoneAppReview, so if you are still using the older OS it is time to hit that upgrade button.

Tips and Tricks for the iPhone will be added to until we have a fairly good library of resources to help get the most from your device.  If you have something to share feel free to leave a comment and share your knowledge with the world.

For our complete list of iPhone Tips click here

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