Iphone tool to pinpoint your fertility

Ladytimer announces a major upgrade of it’s Ovulation Calendar for iPhone. The calendar uses period dates and recorded body temperature to calculate the woman’s menstrual cycle and to forecast future cycle days.

San Diego, California -

Ladytimer ovulation calendar for iPhone uses last period dates to calculate the woman’s menstrual cycle and to forecast future cycle days. The app thus helps women to pinpoint fertile days of the month in order to achieve or avoid pregnancy. Ladytimer uses the initial dates provided by users to be useable right away by showing a calendar with the estimated cycle. As the user enters more period dates and records resting body temperatures, Ladytimer finetunes the cycle using the additional information.

For women who chose to do so, their data is synched to an online account. It can then be retrieved and imported into any other Iphone or othere smartphones as well. It can also be installed to multiple devices at the same time, thus making it possible to easily share their calendar with a significant other.

Over the last few years, a significant community of Ladytimer users has been build up who participate in the online discussion board which is integrated into the Iphone app. Ladytimer also comes with an alarm function that sends notifications to women before each cycle.

Feature Highlights:
* Ovulation and period forecast
* Body temperature head map display
* Pre-cycle notifications
* Active discussion board
* Automatic online synching of user data
* Easy sharing and transfering to other phones

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