iPhone4 Blue Tint Issue – There is an app to fix that!

Camera Spot Fix is one easy solution for the iPhone’s blue spot/tint issue. Some photos captured by a particular iPhone camera were reported to have some amount of blue tint/spots at the center. While this issue also exists and quite common in other mobile phones, the vast amount of iPhone users make this issue a prominent one.
Screenshot Screenshot

The developer commented, “Many iPhone users expressed their grievance on this particular issue, all you need to do is search for “iPhone blue spot” in a search engine, and you will be able to read about it. There is even a user who exchanged his iPhone for 9 times because of this and the issue is still present. As an iPhone user myself, I only see an opportunity to help and solve the issue – thus Camera Spot Fix was born.”

“We spent about 3 whole days to figure out the algorithm to fix the tint issue. Photo manipulating can be difficult if we just negate the color components plainly. Brightness and contrast can be affected and that is bad for the photos. Our algorithm uses exponential color fixing process, so it appears very natural.”

Camera Spot Fix features:
•Easy-to-use slick interface.
•Adjustable spot size.
•Full range of color to de-tint. Not only fix blue spots, but any colored spots!
•Save to your device or directly upload to your Facebook account.


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