iPhotoFun: Funny photo decoration and composition app

Hi, this is a funny photo app, which has the following features:

Photo decoration
This app support picking one photo from photo album or camera. More than 50 frames, props and backgrounds are provided. Photo can be edit with frames, props and backgrounds. Props can be resized, scaled and rotated to decorate photo. Frame or background is placed around photo by clicking thumbnail. During decoration, full screen view of photo can be seen by simple tapping screen, and return to editing photo mode, just tapping screen again. At last, it support shaking to remove decoration items to restart again

Photo composition
This app supports selecting 2-4 photos from “Photo Album”, Each selected photo can be resized, scaled and rotated as wish. It provides grouping based on template, user can change group template by previous and next button. Each photo have beautiful round corner and shadow.

Save and Share
This app supports saving decorated photo and grouped photos into “Photo Album”. At the same time it support sharing photo through email, Facebook and Twitter.


iTunes Link

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