iPhysicsCalc: The ultimate Physics Calculator iphone app.

Have you got a Physics test coming up? Are you preparing a Physics assignment or dealing with calculations based on Physics equations and want to make sure your answers are correct before submission? Do you wish you had an easy access to data while performing experiments in the Physics laboratory? If yes, then iPhysicsCalc is the application for you. iPhysicsCalc contains a lot of calculators that can assist students of all grades studying Physics.

The iPhysicsCalc application presents a set of convenient and easy to use features that separates it from any other Physics calculator application.

iPhysicsCalc contains over 90 calculators based on the following six broad Physics categories:

- General Physics.
- Thermal Physics.
- Properties of Waves.
- Electricity and Magnetism.
- Atomic Physics.
- Fluid Mechanics.

Details of the calculator inputs and outputs are available at all the time for reference.
The formula and image (if applicable) is shown in each calculator, hence making the calculations transparent.

iPhysicsCalc includes a list of most popular constants so that anytime you need to look up a constant you can instantly find one within the application. Say, you require a constant for the Gravitational Acceleration to go with one of the calculators, you don’t have to go searching for it over the Internet. You can copy it right from the application.

iPhysicsCalc makes use of a unique Search feature so that you don’t have to find your desired calculator going in and out of the categories. You can search a calculator using its name as keywords. The application will show up matching results so that you can swiftly complete the task at hand.

iPhysicsCalc also lets you bookmark most commonly used calculators as favorites so that you can access your favorite calculators quickly at any time.

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