iPlay futsal: the new iPhone community for futsal and soccer lovers

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comiPlay futsal is an application that lets users join a community of futsal fans to meet and play real futsal matches, with either 5 or 7 players to a team. When users join the community, they can create teams and choose permanent or temporary team players; arrange matches choosing match location, date, time and search for other teams to challenge; make a request to become a player of existing teams; send messages from their profile to other players (teammates and challengers); and leave messages and comments on any team’s board.

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Not everyone must have an iPhone!

Do you already have a football team but not all your teammates have an iPhone? iPlay futsal allows you to represent your whole team including your teammates that are not registered in the community.

iPlay futsal is the first mobile community for 5-or-7-player football fans, developed explicitly for mobile platforms allowing anyone to get in touch with old and new friends to arrange matches.

Main features:

  • My team (to create one or more teams which will be part of the community and managing team players and schedule).
  • Arrange match (to choose a team to confront in a real life match).
  • Missing a player? (to find a player to join your team, even just for a single match)
  • My profile (to modify and update your personal information, view and manage your requests, browse and send messages, make requests to join existing teams).

iPlay futsal is available in five languages: italian, english, french, spanish and portuguese.

With iPlay futsal you can easily arrange matches and finally the last minute no shows will not be a problem anymore!

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