iQuickDraw gets you right into the rush of the western movies by leading you twenty paces and giving you the signal to draw your weapon. With the option of two opponents and plenty of time to practice, players can become an ace shooter in no time.

The game starts you off with your iPhone as the gun and a board to practice on. When you’re prepared to advance, your opponents are ready for you and the standoff is on.

To start the actual shoot-off portion, players simply begin and hold the iPhone down by their side. Once it’s steady and straight, the game tells you to Draw, and you hold the iPhone up vertically again and tap the screen. If you ‘aim’ it correctly, you’ll hit your opponent and proceed to the next face-off.

You compile points by simply defeating the opponent. Where you hit really doesn’t make a difference as long as you somewhere hit your opponent. The gun-draw speed is shown in fractions of a second, so as to be most precise.

There is a two-player mode as well, and this makes the game much more fun. It’s pretty difficult to find someone else who has the game, but organizing a standoff “at high noon” would probably be quite fun. The timing is organized over WiFi, and works pretty flawlessly. Everything is left up to reaction speed.

Pros: Fun test of your reactions, available two-player mode

Cons: Accelerometer is too sensitive in the game, so you’ll be standing for a while making sure that you’re gun is steady enough.

Bottom Line: iQuickDraw is a fun western game with good use of the accelerometer but a pretty short lifespan. With only two opponents and no opportunity to advance, this game proves to be a short-lived example of a good idea that wasn’t pushed nearly far enough. It’s worth the $0.99 for the novelty, but it’s really got no lasting power.

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