iResus: Life saving App for the iPhone

Life saving app for iPhone, first aidiResus is a fee app that will provide needed information to you in a life saving situation. This is one app that could potentially save the life of one of your loved ones or someone else in distress.

The app provides a flow chart system that the user can quickly click on to get advice in a variety of medical emergencies.

iResus is provided free of charge by the Resuscitation Council (UK) to provide its most up to date guidance in the hands of those who need it, be they medical professionals providing emergency care in a hospital environment, or those with an interest in first aid.

When guidelines are updated, these are automatically pushed to the iResus app, so that you always know that the guidance you are referring to is up to date.

Key Features include:

- Automatic detection and download of updated guidelines.
- Receive Alerts issued by the UK Resuscitation Council direct to your phone.
- Keep abreast of developments in the field of resuscitation through the app’s news feature.
- Select which guidelines you are interested in by choosing your own topics of interest

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