iRolegame: Life is a game, play it well

Here’s a game that will literally make the player’s life more interesting. Released and available in iPhone App Store, iROLEGAME is an excellent way to control your TO-DO-listing. Utmost for its user, it is a kick ass way to get a grip on oneself.

The game allows you to set goals for yourself. Goals can be big or small, related to work or leisure time, yet they can be ambitious or everyday goals. The player himself has to determine the quality and timing behind his objectives. The main point is that the targets are created and they are carried out.

The aim is to get people to do boring everyday tasks with enthusiasm. And if at the very moment a few challenging projects gets completed or childhood dreams come true, then why not give it a go?

In iRolegame, the player can create an own character and define its features and characteristics with 15 earned points from the initiative. After that you can ad tasks for the character, that show up in your iPhone calendar. Then its up to you to carry out the objectives and tasks that you’ve created for your character. Your character will develop, when a task is done or become rusty if tasks are not completed.

• iRolegame is connected to Apple Game Center, where you can compare your results with your friends:

• Free updates will ad new features such as: a new function in statistics, which shows how many times a task has been done and how many points it has earned.

• Android version will be released in the autumn of 2011.

• Check out the game’s web page from here:

• Promo codes:

More information:
Juicer Software
Matti Vahtera
+358 50 321 1603

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