iRon: Build bridges in 3D

Building bridges was never so much fun!

The brilliant game concept finally reached the iPhone in 3D. The iPhone game „iRon“ fulfills every expectation of a hobby bridge builder and the ones who want become one.

Build a bridge across different valleys with a limited amount of building elements. The constructed bridge needs to be strong enough for a truck to reach the other side of the valley.

The truck tries to cross the bridge – if the bridge fails you need to improve your construction until it is strong enough.
The simple game principle awakens the home constructor in each of us. In twenty levels the player has to successfully cross bigger and bigger valleys. The constructions need to get more sophisticated from turn to turn.

Even skilled bridge builders will find their limits.

You can battle against other players around the globe on the global leaderboard.
Even if your imagination is exhausted there is always a way to complete a level – check out the solutions of other players and get inspired.

Exceptional constructions will be awarded by the achievement system. See all achievements of your friends on your personal friends list. Show your highscores and bridges to your friends to prove who is the best bridge constructor.

Play through all the levels and find your limits. Get a new highscore on the global leaderboard. Show your friends who has the biggest bridge in town!

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