IScarecrow Prank Application

A harmless prank can be great way to have a good laugh. When you execute a prank on your friends, you must ensure you are creative enough in doing so without causing offense to anyone. Pranks can be a real enjoyment but you need to wait for a decent idea to spring up. Your wait is over because stunning prank applications have been introduced in iphone 4 for all those who are seeking interesting prank ideas.

IScarecrow which has been ranked as world’s 6th funniest video clip. A lot of effort and thought has been put into designing this application for all those who enjoy a good laugh. iScarecrow contains a collection of various hysterical video clips including the very popular punch Halloween prank. This application is the ultimate source for obtaining funny prank ideas for any pranking occasion.

Embedded right in the application are 10 hilarious prank clips for you to enjoy anytime and anywhere with just a single click. You will also find a number of handpicked You Tube prank videos and practical jokes. Moreover, new and latest hysterical pranks will be constantly added to the application for you to enjoy.

Furthermore, you will get a guide with all the relevant instructions regarding the creation of a great Scarecrow. The guide is filled with amazing prank ideas you can use to amuse all your friends. Not only this, you will be able to receive updates regularly with Twitter.

It is high time that you download the application and enjoy hilarious video clips and learn the most interesting practical jokes you can play on your friends. For further information and pricing details, simply click the following iScarecrow prank link below.

Check out the app on the itunes store here:

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