iScaredYou: A Clever Way to Scare Your Friends!

Looking for a new way to scare your friends? Well look no further.

iScaredYou is an app designed to trick your friends into thinking they’re being “hypnotized”. After you press “Begin” on the main menu, a new menu will come up that looks like a hypnotics app. When your victim clicks “Start” from that page, instructions will appear, and then the “hypnosis” will start. After about 10 seconds, the Exorcist face will pop up and there will be a very loud scream.

I’ve tested this on a few of my friends, and it definitely works. They never see it coming.

There are two versions of iScaredYou, the full version and the lite version. The differences are minimal right now, but will become larger as they are updated (the first update is already in the works). The full version helps support the developer, so I’d appreciate it if you purchased it. For more information about the differences, check out the iTunes pages:

Full Version (99 cents):

Lite Version:

And my Twitter:!/alexanderapps

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