iShot Machine

Ok drinkers, I’ve got a confession to make: I haven’t given this app a full run-through. I’m in the middle of moving and I’ve got a million things to do, but it’s Friday and if there was ever a time to give away an app like iShot Machine today’s the day! iShot Machine is a slot machine that can spit out a ton of shot recipes, so if you enjoy abusing your liver you should give this app a good look.

Oasys Mobile, makers of the legendary Hooters Calendar Girls Crazy Eights, had a bunch of codes they wanted to share with you guys and was I really gonna stand in the way of their generosity? Duh! Absolutely not, not in a million years.

In lieu of a full review, though, I will offer these first impressions:

  • This app has a lot of crazy shots you’ve probably never heard of… or maybe I’m just too old to be shouting at bartenders “gimme a Well Greased Dwarf!”
  • iShot Machine has some great functionality such as adding shots to a favs list, lots of browsing options and shot searches, the all-important random shots, and you can even specify certain types of booze & mixers to include or exclude
  • This app claims to have over 3000 different shots to choose from and just by looking at the number of available tequila shots I totally believe it
  • Oasys Mobile takes app development seriously even when they’re just trying to get you liquored up

Even though my trial of iShot Machine has been pretty short so far, I think I’d feel pretty comfortable recommending it to one of my alcoholic friends who hasn’t needed an intervention (yet). With several hundred apps under my iPhone belt I believe I know a good app when I see one, and if you happen to miss out on the codes Oasys has provided then just go buy it for $2. Trust me, if you’re a true barfly this app will come in handy!

Gotta love a developer with a sense of humor!

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