iShots – St. Patrick’s Day

It’s the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day, so if you’re planning to go out and celebrate Irish culture by getting totally wasted then you might want to bring iShots along!

The idea here is nothing new… shake your iPhone to get a drink recipe or, in this case, a shot recipe… but I gotta say, the execution is really nice and you can tell that cgCraft put some sweat into what could have been a quick & dirty (& crappy) drinking app.

Each time you shake your iPhone, a very nice drink-specific coaster flies into view to accompany the shot recipe. The thing that has me so impressed with iShots is the quality of the coaster artwork and the way the coasters continually stack on top of each other, and it’s also half the fun of using this app because some of the art is pretty clever.

The other half of the fun is, of course, in the shots themselves. I shook and shook and shook until I could shake no more, and as near as I can tell there are a total of 20 shot recipes in iShots. Nearly all of them seem to involve either Bailey’s or Jameson, and many you won’t have heard of but some will probably ring a bell.

Ever had an Irish Orgasm? Yeah you have… but you probably called it by its more common name, the BJ, wink wink.

Another old favorite that I was pleased to see in the collection is the Irish Car Bomb. You wouldn’t think that dropping a shot of Bailey’s and Jameson into a pint of Guinness and chugging it in 20 seconds flat would be fun AND delicious but, trust me, it is! Just be sure to pace yourself because this Irish treat will mess you up worse than the IRA if you do too many.

There’s not much else to say about iShots except that it would benefit from some more shot recipes and, if it branches out to non-Irish shots, a little categorization would be helpful.

But like I said, this is already a quality app even despite the semi-limited shot selection. If you take your boozing seriously it’s probably worth $.99 just by virtue of looking cool enough to actually pull out at the bar while you’re trying to pick your poison.

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