iShow Facebook – iPhone Photo App

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iShow Facebook is a new photo app for watching online photos of friends and family

When we’re out with friends, and care to show some pictures of ourselves or others – the iPhone is the ideal tool. It’s always around, has access to facebook and it’s extremely cool to use.
Problem is, if your photos are stored on facebook, watching them requires waiting for every picture to load. In addition, that specific album you need to find is always out of reach.

iShow Facebook is a tool designed for watching and showing photos and videos. It provides easy access to albums organized by user name or by date, so you can have a nice view of all most recent photos.
It uses caching and preloading techniques so swiping through the photos is seamless – no need to wait for photos to load any longer.

Other features include: Watching facebook video clips, create slideshows from your albums, leave and read comments and more.

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Below are screen shots of the app:
iShow Feed
iShow Favorites
iShow Friends
iShow Album

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