iSpent Plus – Spending with others has never been so fun

Who has never been {discovered|found} in the {house|home} with other roommates or {pals|friends}, and had to {believe|think}: “Now I have to deal {once more|again} to see if I have to repay my debt to {somebody|someone}, or if {anybody|anyone} else is in debt to me. ”

With iSpent the game is {simple|easy}: for {each and every|every} {small|little} or {large|big} spending at {house|home} (and not) you {determine|decide} who has paid and who participates in the expenditure. Adding up all the {small|little} expenses iSpent makes all the calculations for you: here is the {1|one} who did not pay {however|yet}!

It will {turn out to be|become} a snap to share the {expenses|costs}, manage their bills, the accounts of the restaurant and pizzeria and so on. And if the expense can not be divided in equal parts, but {somebody|someone} has to pay an {additional|extra} sum (e.g. not {everybody|everyone} will pay your own deodorant!) just add an “{Additional|Extra}”: that {quantity|amount} will be paid by only {1|one} {individual|person}, {whilst|while} all the rest will be divided {amongst|among} the participants.

iSpent will {deal with|handle} this for you, with {extraordinary|incredible} ease. And if you {believe|think} {some thing|something} is still missing to reach the perfection, please let me know: {perhaps|maybe} in the next version of iSpent your wishes will come {accurate|true}!

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