iSurf Browser for iPhone Surpasses Sales Goal, Turns Profit of Over $19 in First Weekend

The new iSurf Browser for iPhone, a cool and feature-rich internet browser , had exceeded all sales goals and deliver $19 profit in just one weekend. “The main goal of iSurf Browser is to deliver better surfing experience on the iPhone that has limited screen asset”, said Karta Sutanto, the sole developer for the app. “I’d like to personally thank all customers for their supports in making this app cooler than ever”.

The iSurf Browser has many cool feature than Safari browser doesn’t . The one feature highlighted by the developer is “Gesture navigation”, which no other browser on the iPhone has it. “When you allow users to browse web pages in full screen, without any button.. how to navigate forward and backward? Well, my fingers instinctively swipe left to try to go back to previous page. And the coolest thing is it works!!!”

“Gesture navigation allow users to enjoy the web pages in full screen without any overlay buttons or small button sticking out at the corner. Instead you use gestures to replace the buttons. It is so intuitive that you shouldn’t be surprise if it finds its way to Safari next…” claimed Karta.

However this is not the only features the iSurf Browser has, here is the list of features:

  • Multi-touch portrait full screen
  • Touch gesture navigation
  • Open in new tab
  • Saving images
  • Better URL keyboard
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Full Screen Browsing
  • Fast Loading
  • Smart URL
  • Quick Links
  • Preview Tab
  • Sound effects
  • Sleek User Interface
“There will be more innovation and more features coming to keep up with the users’ demands and suggestions”, said Karta. The app was so well received that one customer even heard saying:”it’s like having Chrome in my iPhone”. I couldn’t agree more with that.

Pricing & Availability
iSurf Browser is currently priced at $0.99 and available in iTunes store:

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