iTip Calc Pro Goes Live!

The bill is $137.  You have 3 couples.  How much tip for each of you? Quick.  Not done yet?  You need help and it’s finally here.  Now it’s much simpler to give a proper tip to other!

iTip Calc Pro is crazy easy to use. You just enter a few values to determine the tip and total price.

Here are some features:

•Calculates Tip
•Calculates Total Price
•Allows you to calculate a split so more than one person can split the bill equally.
•Allows you to type the tipping percentage so you can use any custom percentage including decimals
•Allows you to enter the bill including the change
•No Adds!

All you have to do is type in your bill, the tip percentage and the split and you get the amount of tip and also the total price. It can even be used to calculate tax.

iTip Calc Pro - Hapiapps

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