iToy is one of those apps that doesn’t really warrant a lot of commentary unless you’re a diaper-pooping toddler, and from the looks of it I’d say that’s who this odd little app was designed for.

It’s basically a 3D doll thing that looks like a cross between a Teletubby and a Weeble Wobble, and you can mess with it in various ways… shake it and it makes a little cowbell noise, spin it with a swipe of the finger, press and hold to get up close and personal with iToy, and view it from any angle you want by holding your iPhone over your head or under your nose or turn it this way and that.

A double-tap will activate “dancing” mode which puts a pair of neon green headphones on the iToy and makes him (or her?) react to sounds picked up by your iPhone’s mic. iToy won’t operate while iPod music is playing which is too bad, so if it’s possible to make that happen then iChromo definitely needs to implement it.

iToy is a nicely rendered 3D thingy and whether it’s worth $.99 probably depends on whether or not you’re a parent. The iTunes App Store description says it’s “interesting for everybody”, and it probably IS interesting for everybody whose wardrobe comes from Baby Gap, but I have a hard time seeing grownups getting much out of iToy unless there are rugrats in the house.

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