iTrakMe the Swiss Army knife of Personal GPS Tracking

Helium App LLC is proud to release iTrakMe, the Swiss Army knife of Personal GPS Tracking. Its simple map-centric interface provides a number of tools useful for outdoor and fitness activities, as well as communicating with others.

A simple Start/Stop button controls TRAIL RECORDING. Trails- and its data- can be saved for later viewing, or even shared by a map link with others. Saved data includes time, distance, speed, elevation, and Calories used. A simple profile shows elevation data.

FITNESS METERS can be displayed providing a quick look at a single real-time piece of data. Fitness data that can be view include time, distance, speed, elevation, and Calories.

A PHOTO-LOGGING TOOL provides you with a way to take photos and tagging it to a specific location.
Several group communication tools exist. GROUPS is a map-based way of keeping in touch with your friends.
BREAD CRUMBS are used to drop anonymous notes in your area.

iTrakMe is offered as a free app, but with limitations. The upgrade removes all limitations.

**50% off coupon on upgrade** Good until September 1st you can use coupon code 872002 to get the iTrakMe Upgrade for 50% of its full price. To use this offer: download the free iTrakMe, start the app, find the Upgrade view, enter the code into the coupon text box and then press the Upgrade button!

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