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Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comWashington, DC. – Anjan Dass, owner of iTreatment App. at, a home remedies application for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad users, today announced it has covered its fiscal development costs from its third week sale. “iTreatment is a value added application which can run as a standalone app and benefits health aware people who are looking for home remedies for various ailments. Recently Apple Inc. approached us and said they are interested in marketing for this App. and its in their potential list” said Dass. “I’d sincerely thank my customers for giving “iTreatment” a try and believing in it. We hope to add more features and content sooner”.

Tap and Treat as it says. This standalone Application that does not require internet connectivity, means the database is embedded in the app itself, consists of information for various common Ailments and its natural cure or home remedies that are quite beneficial. You can search for the appropriate remedy for your ailment from tons of remedies available.

As per the given info, the natural way of curing within the comfort of home using simple medicines made from everyday ingredients are catching a lot of attention amongst all generation for the fact that they are simple, have no side effects, no artificial chemicals and are inexpensive thus are the best alternatives to expensive synthetic drugs.

iTreatment includes:

* Information for Various Common Ailments Available

* Symptoms for the Ailments

* Quick Home Remedies for the Ailments

* Standalone App

It has an introductory price of 99 cents for a limited time. You can get it by clicking here

Screenshots: Visit the App in iTunes.

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FREE PROMO CODES: Grab one if you can, download the App and you are encouraged to leave a review.


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