It’s Bedtime! Dr. Estivill’s sleeping method

Sleeping correctly is something kids learn, and many parents just don’t have the right tools to properly teach their kids this habit. As a result, one out of three children under the age of five has some form of insomnia or sleep disorder.

Based on Dr. Eduard Estivill’s popular sleeping method, which has sold over two million copies in its paper version and has been translated into twenty languages, Random House Mondadori presents the App IT’S BEDTIME! for the iPhone and iPod Touch to help parents teach their children the habit of sleep.

Available worldwide in the iTunes AppStore, IT’S BEDTIME! combines scientific tips on how to communicate with children and apply Dr. Estivill’s renowned method with a practical section that features a stopwatch to time the waiting intervals parents should adhere to when going in and out of their child’s bedroom. Dr. Estivill’s audio messages and practical tips accompany parents through each step of the process.

“Thanks to new technologies, my method is now available to parents all around the world who are in the process of teaching their children the habit of sleep,” says Estivill. “With this App, parents can follow my method in real time, while entering and leaving the room and, even better, I can guide them throughout the process and send them encouraging messages, all from the palm of their hand!”

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